Digital mindset: how to develop it to seize the opportunities offered by digital transformation

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Ahead of the constant changes in today’s society, it is essential to develop a digital mindset that enables one to meet the challenges of the new IT environment in which we live and turn them into opportunities. The ability to adapt is the first step for a company to survive and, above all, is necessary for it to maintain its competitive advantage in the market.

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Digital mindset: what it is

The term digital mindset was proposed in 2013 by Vivienne Banke, who said: «The digital mindset consists of a set of knowledge and experiences that each individual has developed within an increasingly digitised society and that are recognised and used to succeed in the digital environment».

More specifically, the term “mindset” refers to the way people think and their beliefs. It derives from cognitive psychology, a discipline that deals with analysing how people process information and how they react to input from the outside world. The combination of the word “digital”, on the other hand, indicates the action component, i.e., the ability to accept or reject change.

So, in summary, the digital mindset is a set of attitudes and behaviours towards the digital world. Developing this type of thinking allows one to chart the path to success in a world increasingly dominated by data and smart technologies.

New habits, new mindsets

Our habits have changed and therefore our approach to the new things brought about by digital transformation must also change. A continuous change that every day imposes on us new goals and skills with which to become more familiar. It is therefore not just a question of developing skills in using technology, but of a set of behaviours and attitudes, a change of habits from those previously owned, which naturally also involves a change of mentality.

Two different types of mindsets

Everyone has a different mindset. Psychologist Carol Dweck has identified two main types of mindsets:

The fixed mindset

The fixed mindset is a symbol of static and is often considered synonymous with laziness; it is a mindset that leads to clinging to what is familiar and safe, in order to avoid any situation of uncertainty.

The growth mindset

The growth mindset is the approach of those who want to dare and always try new paths and new solutions. A mindset based on an ever-living desire to learn that sees obstacles as opportunities to test oneself. Only those with this kind of mindset can develop a true digital mindset.

How to develop the digital mindset

The digital mindset is one of the most requested soft skills in the world of work today. Companies increasingly need talent with an open and flexible mindset. Considering this, there are those who by education or experience have already developed a digital open mindset. Those who have not got it, however, can always develop it by taking some simple steps:

Why it is important to develop a digital mindset in your company

Developing a digital mindset in your company can contribute significantly to business success. There are, therefore, certain behaviours that can be implemented in the companies to develop a culture of growth:

A necessary revolution of thought

A fixed mindset is self-limiting, because it never encourages us to learn new concepts or to go beyond our comfort zone. If you are looking for a partner to support you in developing a digital mindset, rely on the JO Education team.

If, indeed, you are interested in related topics, continue reading our JOurnal.

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