Innovation Hub Catania - IHCT

The non-profit JO Education promotes the conversion of our urban aggregates into smart cities. Looking for partners for digital transformation projects?

The need for smart cities

JO Education is the promoter of the Innovation Hub Catania – IHCT, a think tank of digital innovators who imagine a future as a smart city for Catania, an urban environment redesigned by digital transformation with a more human-sized user experience.
Where do we want to start from? Digital awareness and skills aggregation. Empower the network of local innovators is the first step in creating an ecosystem in which new ideas flourish and improve everyday life.
Where do we want to go? We would like to export our innovation hub model to other European territories.

An ecosystem focused on innovation

The spirit behind the innovation hub is the one of encouraging the alliance between technological innovation and the labour market by using digital tools and the presence in the territory.
The concrete research-business collaboration aims at developing new skills, which involves research centres, local authorities, start-up incubators, investors, industrial players and universities.

Technological innovation in Catania

The digital transformation, the development of new professions, the investment in digital training and culture are the sectors on which the challenge for the future is played.
The decision to commit and invest resources is crucial for the competitive capacity of a territory.
From the close interconnection between universities and businesses, between public and private, it may and must be born an ecosystem that produces widespread innovation with a view of Industry 4.0.
JO Education rides the wave of the digital transformation by “recruiting” talents in the innovation hub to become an engine of innovation in the territory.
In JO Education we believe that the whole society will be inexorably influenced by the entry of intelligent machines, that will changes working and living time.

Our activities

We organise and promote events to raise awareness and join together talents towards the digital transformation

We work to create a smart city, with the cooperation of young people, businesses and institutions

We aim to become a cultural reference for new technologies at the local level

Our strengths

Exchange of innovative ideas favoured by the interaction between people with different backgrounds

Innovators create interesting and stimulating networks using technology

SMEs and start-ups are supported to develop projects with a strong impact on society

What are you waiting for? Contact us!


+39 095 7463250


45 Vittorio Emanuele da Bormida Street
95125 Catania (Italy)


37 Mario Sangiorgi Street
95129 Catania (Italy)

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