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A dive in 100 minutes through the big opportunities and challenges of the digital transformation and technological innovation, comfortably from home and with the major experts in the field. We are talking about the first digital event of the Innovation hub Catania promoted by JO Education, a non-profit organisation settled in Catania, focused on innovation with the aim of converging talents, firms and actors listed in the field and capable of pushing towards a smart, technological and eco-friendly development of our society.


In view of this first event, scheduled for Saturday the 28th of November at 10 am, digitally planned given the dispositions linked to the pandemic of Covid-19, four speakers will intervene on a roll-basis of 15 minutes, allowing a hundred of participants to ask for clarifications and to receive at the end of the session a certificate of attendance.

The speakers selected for the event, experts of technology and development, will deal with:


IHCT was born from JO Education in the deep South Europe, in the Eastern Sicily, to explore the most cutting-edge technological innovation perspectives that will mark the next decades. Incentivising an eco-system centered on digital transformation and on the development towards smart cities is the mission that JO Education proposes to reach, building a bridge among enterprises, society and research through IHCT.

The digital event promoted by the Innovation Hub Catania was designed to pursue this philosophy and with the scope of going over the management of this period marked by lockdowns and the proliferation of webinars and LMS platforms, such as the several ones requested to VITECO.

The event represents for this reason the first step towards a path of informal aggregation of talents, with the aim of raising awareness on the importance of digital transformation and to enlarge the local and european innovators’ community: among its aims, those of galvinising an alliance between technological innovation and the labour market through digital tools, the building of new competences and to involve research centers, local authorities , universities, start-ups incubators, industrial and university players.

A visionary gamble, that starts from Catania with a gaze at the future european communities, riding the big revolution of the enterprise plan 4.0 through the viewpoint of developing new occupations, investing on the digital culture and training, concentrating resources and decisive opportunities finalised at the competitive capabilities of the territory and its innovative and eco-friendly transformation in terms of smart cities.

The whole society will inesorably be influenced by the introduction of the so called “smart machines”: gradully life and work timings will change but, as in every historical period, all these changes, if well guided and understood, will determine an opportunity to build a better world. The first step to build it is to know the fundamental themes concerning the digital transformation and to follow its developments.

To participate at the first digital event of IHCT and to keep updated on the latest trends on digital transformation, you can you can follow the stream on YouTube

We are waiting for you!

Looking for a partner for innovative projects? You found it in JO Education!
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